Friday, September 11, 2015

Everything New You Missed From Apple’s Mega Event


Apple may have announced the new iPhones and iPads at its September 9th announcement, but there is a lot more stuff which goes through largely unnoticed, either at or in the aftermath of the event. Here is a post which covers everything else that happened:

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus come with 2 GB RAM & the iPad Pro 4 GB

The lack of RAM in Apple devices has long been a documented issue and Apple seldom upgrades hardware unless it absolutely needs to. This time, things have been taken one step further in that domain, as the new iPhones now thankfully come with 2 GB RAM, as confirmed by Apple Support. Before you mention that Samsung has it since the Galaxy S4, let’s not forget that management is the name of the game, here.
What’s more is that its Surface competitor, the iPad Pro comes with 4 GB RAM, unthinkable by Apple’s standards and equal to what the base MacBook Pro includes. This was confirmed by Adobe.

3D Touch: ‘Peek’ or ‘Pop’

It is hard to fully describe the overhauled Force Touch technology in the new iPhones without trying them out first. The pressure of the finger is calculated by the distance between the backlight and the glass screen.
‘Peek’ opens up a small window in a menu for further options or previews. It can bring up additional content in apps. ‘Pop’ allows you to go to actually go inside that app. Both of these work together for a variety of functions in different apps. 3D Touch can bring huge improvements in other areas such as gaming as well.

iOS 9 is coming on September 16th

While the new iPhones will naturally come with iOS 9 installed, the OS veterans will be able to get a taste of the new software on the 16th of September. The OS with its new apps, software improvements and more will be coming to iPhone 4S and later, iPad 2 and later, and all the iPad Minis.

Apple Watch gets slightly better, cooler

The Watch is getting new leather bands from Hermes and a red Product Red band. New rose & gold colours are coming for the Watch Sport. Three new apps, Messenger, GoPro and AirStrip will come pre-installed. The new Watch OS 2 will be coming alongside iOS 9 on September 16th. Already there are over 10,000 apps made specially for the wearable.

Apple TV

The Apple TV is another major announcement from the event though a lot of people look over it due to its limited use in unsupported markets. The $149 media box now comes with Siri and has new remote with a mic, touch-sensitive area and a gesture recognition built-in. There’s also emphasis on gaming thanks to support for all those Made for iPhone game controllers.

Adobe Photoshop Fix

Then you have the Adobe Photoshop Fix, a new app built for the new iPad Pro. Its Sketch app features support for the Apple Pencil, too and offers varying amounts of pressure sensitivity. Photoshop Fix comes with auto face detection for quick edits.
“We’re excited about the capabilities of the iPad Pro for our customers and we’re building new apps that take full advantage of the large screen, precise stylus, and power of iOS 9 multitasking to really bring professional level workflows to the iPad.”

The new iPhones are coming September the 23rd

There are new Upgrade and Apple Care+ programs announced, which are largely irrelevant to us. The new iPhones however will be released on the 25th of September in select markets. Wider availability should follow soon after that. Investors have low expectations, as always, but that may not stop the company from shattering the sales records once again.