Saturday, September 5, 2015

Skype Overhauls Android and iOS Apps for Better Consistency

In the era of Hangouts and FaceTime, a lot of people can forget that Skype is still kicking around. The latest development from the Microsoft-owned telecommunications application is a refinement and upgrade to its existing applications on portables.

Rather than using its own Windows Phone-like software tweaks and controls, it has taken inspiration from the corresponding operating systems of iOS and Android.

On iOS, you get on-screen keys on the bottom for main controls. You get can use swipe gestures like on other system apps for checking your messages or making calls. There is a new built-in enhanced search feature, too.
skype-for-iosThe iPad version has also been overhauled as well with the new search engine, location sharing, sending/receiving of photos, seeing URLs and more.

Similarly, on Android the app takes a page out of Google’s Material Design. A new floating action key is debuted for quick management of the basic Skype features like making calls and conversations.

Controlling forms are heavily inspired from the overall Android design. Unviewed messages are displayed better with a new clock icon at the top.
skype-for-androidThe Windows Phone updates stays as it is, though, but a new app is currently being built from scratch for Windows 10 Mobile so that’s not so bad. The updates are not big but will offer better continuity with the design choices of their respective OSes.